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Let’s take Sports back outdoors!

Set up tournaments

Based on your location, set up a local tournament and keep it open for anyone nearby to join!

The Fun way to keep fit

Choose from a wide range of sports’ and get playing! Get fit while you enjoy playing out in the sun!


Play, Win and Build your profile!

As you play, keep track of your achievements to build your strengths, and improve your profile! Bring out the competitive sports persona in you!

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Connect with your friends

Get back in touch with your Facebook friends by adding them on your Sportiv list and scheduling games with them!

Set up your own Championship

Do you like planning out a detailed sports event? Do you want to try doing it? Well, set up a tournament for a game of your choice, at a convenient location and keep it open for all, or invite only!

Join an Event you find exciting!

Do you like an event listed at a place nearby? And is it your favourite sport? You can join that event and kick some ass! Get your sports shoes on and get on wheels!

Build your profile

As you continue playing events set by yourself and others, and add the results to your profile, you grow as a sportsman and so does your profile. Become the champion of your locality! You’re just an App away!

Build a Hobby!

We often find ourselves whiling away our free time doing nothing active. Let’s break that habit by having a hobby! Pick any sport of your choice and set up a recurring event! Make your passion your hobby!

Get Fit the Fun way!

With health risks touching the roof, we need to get out more and get healthy! We see people hitting the gym, but just for a few days! Reason? Lack of interest! But that will not be the case with your favourite sport! Let’s get fit, but this time, the fun way!

Learn a sport!

Have you always wanted to learn a sport, but lack of company ruined your chances? Well, let us help you with that! Set up a public sport event, and attract likeminded people! Learn from those who’re as passionate as you are!